Packers and Movers in Wagholi Pune

Wagholi city in Pune is an ancient town and has a great history behind it. The city will be recently connected with the Metro, which is going to increase the services and infrastructure of the country. People will move to this city because of better job opportunities and residential facilities as compared to other cities in Pune. Transfer to the new city requires transport of material from the residential city to the destination location. This process is cumbersome and requires help from certified services.

BlueFast Packers and Movers, ISO and IBA approved company provides the best services for shifting, relocation and transportation of goods. Our company is one of the top companies present in a nation which has a customer base of more than 10k satisfied clients. The company is present PAN India and has more than 3 + branches located in each and every city of the country. In Wagholi, itself we have three branches which look after the transportation of shipment and other services as requested by your customers. We provide cheap and affordable services to our various clients across the country with customized plans as per their needs and requirements.

Our goal-oriented and trained customer care staff members provide the best services in terms of customer satisfaction. Our team works round the clock to resolve all the required queries that our customers have pertaining to shipment and transfer of goods. The team also works in co-ordination with back end staff which receives all our queries and inquiries regarding the booking and shipment services. The logistics team consists of trained drivers and technicians, which makes sure that your shipment reaches your doorstep in the proposed frame of time. Our drivers have obtained all necessary licenses required for driving a heavy vehicle consisting of goods and other material. The vehicles too have the necessary size and engines as per the requirement suggested by the road transport agencies.

The packaging material used by your team is of the best quality available in the country. Some material is also procured from different countries across the world for the packaging of delicate goods and other materials. The sealing tapes are even acquired from the certified agencies so that no shipment opens up during the process of transportation.

We have Insurance partners associated with us which provide our customers with damage cost if any damage incurs during transportation due to unavoidable circumstances.

We will be happy to serve you in Wagholi and also answer all your questions, queries and doubts regarding booking and transportation of the shipment.

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